Hyke & Byke Self Inflating Air Mattress Camping Sleeping Pad

Hyke & Byke, a leading outdoor gear brand for people who love to adventure in nature, reports that impressed users have been praising its self-inflating sleeping pad for its many features. Founded by a group of dedicated backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts, the company offers premium, lightweight, and comfortable gear for sleeping outside at the best price possible.

Customers are pleasantly surprised by the number of features the air mattress offers. One reviewer sums up the overall user consensus, saying, “Here’s what I like about this mattress: small carry size, lightweight, easily fits back into the carry bag, thick enough to be comfortable and the built-in cinch strap. This is a great summer mattress. I especially like how it easily fits back into the carry bag. I’ve struggled with other mattresses that would never fit back into the bag once you used them. I love the built-in strap. No more lost straps! It’s always right there, and it fits perfectly.”

The review goes on to highlight one specific feature, “Probably the coolest feature is the adjustment valve. After you fill the mattress and lay on it, you can adjust it to the perfect firmness by just pressing a button. You want just a little sag in the middle to be comfortable.”

“These full and ultralight sized sleeping pads for backpacking are the lightest, most compressible pads with the highest quality materials that we have made,” comments the brand’s senior spokesperson, Daniel Ede. The camping sleeping pad weighs only 1 pound and 8 ounces. It measures 11 inches by 3.5 inches when fully rolled, making it easily tucked into a backpack without sacrificing space for other adventuring essentials. “We want to make sure the back that carries this pad all day can rest on it in perfect comfort,” adds Ede.