Visit Beaumont TX Launches an Official GeoTour

Geocaching is a global, outdoor treasure hunt using GPS-enabled devices. Millions of containers called “caches” in all shapes, sizes, and difficulty are hidden all over the world, navigating participants through clues and coordinates via cell phone. It is a fun, free, socially distanced and family-friendly outdoor activity that anyone can do at any time.

The Visit Beaumont GeoTour has 25 caches hidden around the region designed to take you to some of the coolest places and attractions in Southeast Texas. You can complete them in any order at your leisure, but it’s designed to take about two full days for a weekend of exploration in the area.

What started as a social experiment twenty years ago exploded in popularity to become one of the fasted growing hobbies in the world. Today, more than 3 million geocaches are hidden in over 190 countries worldwide, with over 7 million active participants.

To play, pick up a passport from the Beaumont Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (505 Willow Street) or download it from

Register for a free account on and download the app. Use the clues and coordinates to navigate to the corresponding caches and write down the letter or number marked on each container. Find all the caches and complete the puzzle to receive a limited-edition commemorative coin and trackable tag as a souvenir. There are also opportunities to earn more swag and prizes for supporting the local restaurants and attractions.

About Visit Beaumont: On the border between Louisiana and the Lone Star State, Beaumont is a little bit Cajun, a lot Texan, and 100% unique for the South. Come explore the bayous, birding, and unique culinary landscape and see where the world was changed forever in one of America’s original Boomtowns.