Goal Zero announced the Yeti 1000X Portable Power Station

Goal Zero announced the Yeti 1000X Portable Power Station, the latest addition to the industry-leading Yeti X line. The new model gives consumers the power they need to run medium to large appliances and yet portable enough to pack in the car for any adventure, and a clean alternative to traditional gas generators without the noise, fumes and maintenance.

Industry-leading features
With a lithium-ion battery at its core, the Yeti 1000X equips consumers with safe, clean, portable power for camping, tailgating, off-grid events, workshops, and emergency power during an outage. With its versatile array of ports, users can power a wide range of devices with seven different port options including fast-charging 60W USB-C Power Delivery, multiple USB-A ports, regulated 12V, and two 120V AC ports.

The Yeti 1000X also offers multiple recharging options. Included with purchase, the 120W Power Supply makes it possible to recharge the Yeti 1000X in just 9 hours. Thanks to the addition of a new industry-leading 600W High Power Port, users can also recharge in as little as 2 hours with the Yeti X 600W Power Supply (sold separately).

As with the rest of the Yeti X line, users can experience virtually unlimited power, by charging the Yeti 1000X from the sun with Goal Zero’s portable solar panels while away from the grid, and keep it topped off from a wall outlet when at home. An integrated MPPT charge controller ensures users are getting the most efficient solar charge possible.

The Yeti ecosystem
Along with the 600W High Power Supply, the Yeti 1000X can integrate into a number of accessories as part of the larger Yeti ecosystem. This includes the Home Integration Kit (HIK), which allows the Yeti X to integrate directly with people’s home circuits. The HIK is a manual transfer switch that integrates a Yeti X Power Station (1000X or larger) directly with the home’s electrical panel.

To further expand storage capacity, the Yeti 1000X can be chained to the Link and Tank system of lead-acid batteries to customize and expand energy storage capacity to meet any individual’s specific power needs. Along with the Link and Tank, consumers can integrate the Yeti X with their vehicle to charge from the alternator while on the move. The Vehicle Integration Kit (VIK) allows users to hook their Yeti up to an adventure rig in a few easy steps to collect and store power throughout the journey.

The Yeti 1000X has an MSRP of $1,299.95 and isĀ  available at GoalZero.com, Amazon.com, and select Sportsman’s Warehouse, Bass Pro, Cabela’s, and other specialty retailers locations.