Simrad’s SiriusXM Marine Fish Mapping Service

Simrad Yachting and SiriusXM announced that the SiriusXM Marine Fish Mapping™ service – designed to help saltwater anglers locate fish faster saving time and fuel – is now available on Simrad’s NSSevo3™, NSOevo3™, NSSevo3S™ and NSOevo3S™ line of multi-function displays (MFDs).

SiriusXM Marine Fish Mapping provides regularly updated, science-based fishing data directly to compatible evo3 displays using the WM-4 SiriusXM Satellite Weather receiver and running Simrad’s new version 20.2 software. The WM-4 receiver currently also provides Lowrance Elite FS, HDS LIVE and HDS Carbon displays with the SiriusXM Marine Weather service. Coming soon, the WM-4 will also enable these compatible Lowrance displays to access Fish Mapping.

SiriusXM’s Fish Mapping provides eight distinct features to identify the most promising areas to fish in North American waters:

  • Fishing Recommendations identify the areas that oceanographers recommend for zeroing in on six distinct target species.
  • Weed Lines show the most recent sightings of weed lines, which provide habitat for bait and game fish.
  • Sea Surface Height Anomalies represent areas of upwellings, eddies and convergence zones where nutrient-rich water is favorable for finding fish.
  • Sea Surface Temperature Contour lines are simplified graphic representations of sea surface temperatures to help target areas where specific fish species can be found.
  • Sea Surface Temperature Fronts reveal significant temperature changes that create distinct boundaries between bodies of water, concentrating nutrients which attract bait fish. Strong and very strong fronts are good places to find game fish.
  • Sub-Surface Water Temperatures provide water temperatures 30 meters beneath the surface, to help identify where targeted game fish tend to hunt within their preferred temperature range.
  • Plankton Concentrations contour lines show areas with dense plankton concentrations – bait fish feed on plankton which attracts game fish.
  • Plankton Fronts show locations of greatest plankton concentration next to relatively little plankton – particularly beneficial when they occur near temperature fronts.

Anglers who already have SiriusXM Weather and a WM-4 can easily upgrade to the SiriusXM Fish Mapping service using their compatible evo3. Consumers who do not yet have a WM-4 receiver will need to purchase it and subscribe. There is currently a $100 rebate available with the purchase of a new WM-4 and subscription activation to the SiriusXM Marine service.

The WM-4 is easy to install and use, and its reliable antenna provides the best possible reception — even on the fringes of SiriusXM’s extensive coverage area (up to 150 nautical miles offshore). A free one-month trial subscription of Fish Mapping is available and the software update is available at no cost.

Fish Mapping service is $99.99 a month and includes all of SiriusXM Marine’s Weather information. The service can be suspended at no charge for up to 6 months each year. The WM-4 also supports SiriusXM’s audio entertainment service which can be added to a Fish Mapping subscription.

For more information on SiriusXM’s Fish Mapping service, including Offer Details for the trial subscription offers and rebates, visit

Watch these videos on how Fish Mapping works on Simrad® displays, and learn more about evo3 MFDs and the WM-4 receiver.